About Us

The Group’s products are sold through two principal channels: retail and wholesale.

Hung Fook Tong’s retail business remained our most significant revenue contributor. At present, the Group has about 120 retail stores in Hong Kong, being the largest Chinese herbal product retailer in terms of retail network size. Our café-inspired “HFT Life” brand, introduced in 2021, is offering an amalgam of Western and Chinese food cultures. The extensive range of product offerings include Chinese herbal and non-herbal drinks, Chinese style soups and tortoise/herbal jelly products, snacks, desserts, rice and noodles, and food products for festive seasons and joyous occasions.

Complemented by various promotions aimed at boosting membership and engagement, Hung Fook Tong has over 1,300,000 JIKA CLUB members. Launched in 2021, Hung Fook Tong’s online shopping platform “JIKA ON!” has been offering a wide spectrum of products including health, beauty and household products.


Hung Fook Tong’s wholesale business is primarily for the sales and distribution of its long shelf-life drinks and fresh drinks, comprising sales to third-party retailers and distributors in Hong Kong SAR, Mainland China and overseas.

In Mainland China, principally in Guangdong Province, an array of Hung Fook Tong’s bottled drinks are available at convenience stores, supermarkets, department stores, local grocery stores and through online platforms.

The Group’s bottled beverage products are also sold to distributors in the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, the Philippines, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Spain, etc.